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RP OC set Gen1 nr.1 by RainbowScreen RP OC set Gen1 nr.1 by RainbowScreen
Thanks to :iconnemsis1313: for translate my stuff !

Hey Guys 
I drew some ocs from my Rp with my girlfriend :icondaydreamsyndrom:
all of this ocs are really old 2 years older. We have a lot of more ocs from our rp and I want to show them all 
this here are the frist 8 mane rp ocs where it all began with. I will add later few information about everypony 
Here from the left to the righh I start on top

Ghost Whisperes,Fire Blaze, Twister,Will O´Wisp
Moon Shine, Knit,Voduna,Shadow

( Fire Blaze, Will O´Wisp , Moon shine and Voduna belongs to :icondaydreamsyndrom: )

Name: Ghost Whisperes
Relationship: Fire Blaze
Talend: ability to talk with ghosts
Bio: ( Its a short version from his background story. Normally it´s way more) 
Ghost grew up in a small Christian town with his stuffy foster parents who were as devoted to their religion as the rest of the community. He lived fairly normal life - had friends and played a lot - until he got his cutiemark in elementary school.When everyone discovered his special ability to talk with ghosts, people started to tell their children to stay away from him and gossiped about him and his foster parents.They thought he got his ability from the devil or a demon who wanted to bring calamity over the small town.Because of that his foster parents sent him away when he was twelve. They got a good income so they rented a small apartment for him in a city two hours away from theirs.From this point on he was living in the city and went to school there. Even when he was parted from his "parents" he hoped that everything would get better and he would maybe find finally some new friends.But things went not as expected. Ghost got instantly labelled as an outcast and the bullying got worse then ever. There were nearly no days where he would be left alone and not be harassed, beaten or be exposed to other cruelties which would turn his live as an already stricken teenager even worse.Because of his depressions he got at the beginning of his eight grade, he tried to suicide several times. Never successful. Somehow something went wrong every single time. It seems fate wouldn't let him just die, even after he jumped down ten floor building where he just broke his legs. This is also the reason why he got those white stitches there.During that time he abandoned all hope and doubted that he will ever find someone who will accept him.Until he met Fire Blaze in the ninth grade...

Name: Fire Blaze
Age: 23
Relationship: Ghost Whisperes
Talend: protective instinct
 Fire Blaze was abandoned as a Child. Her Parents were Teenage criminals who couldnt use a child right now. They were hiding from the Police but Fires Mother wanted to keep her. Her Husband didn't. So he convinced her to leave the baby immediately after birth at an Orphanage, so they could easier run away from everything. So Fire Blaze was raised at a shabby Orphanage with many other foals and fillys. They lived in a poor neighborhood and it was always a miracle when a child really got adopted. They children had no perspetive and bitternes and angries rise in them. Fire was used to be happy 'cause the drawing mother liked her but other were jealous because of her. They beat her up, cursed her and were mean to her. They always disappoint and were mean to her at the end. Her drawing mother wasnt a good woman after all. She teached her children that love meant that you have to give yourself up to the other person and lose yourself. Fire Blaze had from the beginning a weird picture of love in her head and she grew up to be an angry Teenager because she couldnt trust others. She left the Orphanage with 14 years and became a loner who lived on the street. But everything changes when she went to another town, another school because she met Ghost Whisperes.

Name: Twister
Age: 22
Relationship: Moon Shine
Talend: He dosen´t have a cutiemark but he is an amazing singer.
Rass: Scheep Pony
Twister is the prince of a sheep-pony kingdom and he's the heir of the throne.
However he could never get used to this noblesse stuff. He always wanted to do things he wants and not what his family had in mind for him to do as the prince.
Twisters dream was to become a singer with all the girls at his feet and one party after another.
Until he was sixteen he stayed in the kingdom. He ran away when his parents announced that when he becomes eighteen he would be forced to marry a princess of another part of the sheep-pony empire.
For a free spirit like Twister a forced marriage would never be an option. He would rather party and flirt then to marry someone.
So he wandered around through many cities and had a life on the road. The little money he earned through singing kept him afloat. Through coincidence a bar owner asked the stray if he wouldn't like to sing in his bar. Of course Twister agreed because he needed the money. This was also a great chance to sing in front of an audience that would not just walk past him and ignore him, but listen to him.  
Thanks to this opportunity he gained popularity and soon a small record label noticed that the kiddo got quite some skill and offered him a contract as a teen-star that he gladly accepted.
Since then he lives in a large city and possesses a great apartment. He also met quite a large number of people.
Sometimes Twister got some bigger performances but he also takes everything he can get from his publisher.
His publicity keeps on raising and he never even once regretted that he left his home, because if he didn't, his dream would never had become true.

Name: Will O´Wisp
Age: 20
Relaionship: Shadow
Talend: ability to talk to wips 
 Will O‘ Wisp lives with her parents in a big  city and was a happy little filly. When she turned 4 it began that she saw and heard things that no one else could. She told her parents about her little friends, which seemed to be around her all the time. They showed and talked about things she should not know. Her parents couldn’t see her so called friends- the Wisps. They thought that she might be crazy. They took her to Psychologists and therapists who should detect the problem. But no one could help. First they’ve tried to get her delusions with pills under control but they didn’t work. Alternative therapies didn’t work either. The Wisps didn’t disappear from her mind so she learned to ignore them. They turned mad about that and soon they began to annoy and bother Willow and the Ponies around her. They couldn’t see them so they always thought that Willow is the one who bother them. Her parents labeled her as crazy and didn’t want to know much more about her. The once happy Will O’ Wisp turned shy and anxious. She was afraid of the fact that the Wisps still tries to do these terrible things. She pulled herself mostly back into herself and concentrates into learning. She has a thing for the occult and supernatural things. She also aims to study in this direction.

Name: Moon Shine
Relationship: Twister
Species: Wolfspony 
Moon Shine is a Wolfpony. Her kind lives in a far away country involved in an never ending war with their arch enemies: the sheepponies. Both of them always fight on borders to gain the upper hand in their war. Moon Shine was born as the heiress to the throne because she ist the only child of the tribal leader. But Wolfponies are very aggressive and merciless to their enemies but Moon was different. She can't stand it to see Blood and eat Meat. She always got a strong stomach ache. Afraid of her weakness she pretended to be like everyone else but someday the others found out about her. They captured a Sheeppony and wanted her to kill it but she just couldnt and the enemy almost killed her. Of course her Fahther wasnt happy to see that softness and compassion. They told her to stop that but she couldnt. How could she change who she is? He got mad and outcasted her. She had to flee otherwise they would have killed her. Such a weakling wasnt suppose to life in their culture! Alone she went to an other city and so normal ponies. Yes, she was different but they wasnt scared or hated her. She told herself that she should have escaped sooner because she was now happy to be herself! Quickly she found out that she liked the economy and went to school to get her graduation and went to College to study this.

Name: Knit
Age: 21
Relationship: Voduna
Talend: Knitting
Rass: Normaly a spiderpony
OMG sdjkgaskjdgkas by RainbowScreen

Knit once lived in a colony of spiderponies beneath the ground.
They lived there with their families in structures and giant tunnel systems.
Those spinderponies are carnivore and brutal hunters who hunted everything they would find in the woods.
But Knit wasn't like that. Since he was a child he quivered when he was thinking about how he would have to hunt with the males in the colony.
He hated to hunting.
Knit refused quite early to attend in the brutal hunt of clueless ponies who just wanted to cross the woods to get to the next town.
His fellow spiderponies showed no mercy for him when he once tried to protect a hunting-victim.
They noticed that he was different and they couldn't use a weakling. So they attacked him and the hunting-victim that Knit was desperately trying to protect.
Knit couldn't stand a chance against the grown ups.
Wounded from the attack of his own family he searched for a empty cave and recovered on his own.
He left the dark areas of the woods in where his family was hunting and looked for a new home.
Near a crystal-clear see and a flower field he found an abandoned and damaged hut.
It seemed it used to be a shop for something, but it was not anymore and so Knit decided to make this his new home.
He fixed the hut and created through garbage a comfortable place in the basement.
He found his passion for knitting after he watched two mares on the flower field who had some fun time while knitting and drinking tea.
At first he was just watching, but then he wanted to join them, after all he never spoke with ponies.
He didn't think about the fact that they could be scared of him.
They ran away screaming, calling him a monster and left everything behind as he approached them.
Knit wanted to tell them that they forgot something, but the two mares were already gone.
He took their stuff and read a book about knitting they forgot and started to enjoy knitting.
He knitted a lot of stuff and put it into the ground-floor shop window of the hut.
Knit was proud of his creations.
Everytime a pony crossed the path where his hut was standing and entered the hut, he greeted them nicely, but every single time they ran away screaming.
It made him sad that no one wanted to talk to him and just thought he was a monster. He never wanted to hurt someone.
He lived there for two years in peace. Lonely, but happy.
Someday a travelling circus visited the village near his place.
They heard rumours about a lonely spiderpony that everyone was afraid of was living in a small hut close to the village.
The circus director searched for the hut and found it.
In the night before the circus would continue it's journey they attacked Knit. He fought back, but had no chance against so many ponies and got caught. During the fight most of his tedious repaired and newly build home decoration got destroyed.
The circus captured Knit and took him with them and he became a new attraction.
They gained a lot of fame through their addition.
Everyone treated him as a monster he never was.
If he would try to struggle, he would be whipped and punished.
After years in captivity he submitted to his fate as an attraction of the circus.

Name: Voduna
age: 23
Talend: ability to sweing 
Relationship: Knit 
Voduna was a happy little filly in a big town. Her parents loved her and she had many friends: her life was perfect. But... then one day she got in an accident in the woods. Spiderponys pursued her; she wasn’t fast enough to run from then and felt from a cliff. She broke her legs and was nearly dead. The Spiderponys found her anyway because they always hunt in these woods and the last thing she saw when they killed her was the fangs from one of these things.
A doctor who lived in a small house in these woods found her. He took her with him and experimented with her body. He replaced the broken body parts to let her body function again. The Doctor sheared her hair to have better access to her ears and it was in the way I:  
He brought her back to life but it was not a good one.
The once pretty fur was lackluster and shaggy. The marking on her cheek is another piece of an other pony ‘cause the Spiderponys had the chance to eat her cheek half of. Her Hair did not grow so fast like normally and she was more like a living puppet then a pony.
Voduna wasn’t happy to be back. She felt like a monster, she couldn’t even talk anymore. She fled from him and run home but her parents didn’t want to see her again. They thought she was a zombie. A monster from hell and chased her off.  No one wanted to do anything with her, they were all scared and she saw herself like a monster too.
Years later she can finally talk because she expanded the threads on her mouth partially. They were done with strong magic from the Doctor so she wouldn’t lose them complety.
She owns a Vodoo Store now because she's interested in the magic that turned her like this and first she thought that would be all what she can do now. She could never be like the others anymore.
Now - and - Then by DaydreamSyndrom

Name: Shadow
Age: 21
Talend: ??? 
Will O´Wisp
Shadow always lived in poverty. He was raised under poor circumstances.
His parents were lazy people who couldn't be bothered with work or to take care of their son, but they always told Shadow that they were to sick to work.
His mother was addicted to gambling and his father a pathetic drunk who was sitting in front of the TV for the whole day.
Shadow stopped to believe the lies of his parents when he was a teenager.
He realized that they were a lazy bunch and nothing would change that.
The poverty and false friends at school let him choose the wrong path in life and he became a criminal who stole things what he or his parents could never afford. Of course his friends supported him.
He was still young - around 16 years - when he wanted to steal something from Voduna, who was the owner of a voodoo shop in town.
Shadow and his friends knew of the illegal substances there and that those would sell for a good amount of money on  the black market.
As they got caught, everyone but Shadow could flee.
Voduna transformed him into a shadowslave. He was bound to her and couldn't flee.
No matter what he did, he had to listen and fulfill the orders of his new master.
The curse that transformed him into a shadowpony wasn't the nicest one. He could eat and drink like a normal pony, but he had no sense of taste and never got full. He never sleeps and lost his own will during while he fulfilled the orders.

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